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Ideas to Fund your Next Home Improvement Project in the UK

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Your home deserves love and care. Pamper it with home improvement loans. Read this blog to know the best ideas to fund your next improvement projects in the UK. ⭐Read ⭐Research ⭐Apply

Our home is the biggest financial asset for most of us and undoubtedly it holds more than just equity. Apart from providing the basic necessities such as shelter and protection, a home speaks for its residents. Renovating your home from time to time can help you climb the property ladder and also proves to be much cheaper than moving to a new place.

According to a study, the number of homeowners choosing to improve their homes has risen from 3% to 15% in the last five years. The only trouble is – access to sizeable funds. Personal loans for Home Improvement can be an ideal way for funding small scale improvement projects such as installing a new boiler, giving your garden a new makeover, converting your loft, adding a new bedroom, etc.,

Ways to fund your next home improvement project 

Use Your Savings

You can use your savings to finance home improvement projects. If you wish to carry bigger improvements like a complete makeover of your property, or you want to redesign the interiors completely, then you must save towards it. These renovations take time, money and efforts.

Put some considerable amount of money aside every month, if you want to fund the improvements using your savings only. If you have spare cash to resolve the needs of your home, it will be easier. As per the report, homeowners generally go over their budget while renovation.

Use a Home Improvement Loan

You can fund projects without using any home equity. There is a multitude of options for finding a home improvement loan in the UK. These are unsecured loans and hence, your home is not at risk at the time of borrowing money. Borrowing money to increase the overall value of your property without using it as security is considered to be an ideal way to manage the projects of improvement. But make sure, you have a budget planned beforehand.

Costs can quickly shoot up if a budget is not prepared according to your financial circumstances. Determine the potential value that will be added to the current value of your home and evaluate the difference. Small makeovers will not add significant value.

Do your Research

Cosmetic changes, extensions and building work are expensive. A loft conversion, fitting solar panels, adding a bathroom, creating a conservatory may be comparatively cheaper. It is important to have a careful eye on the expenditure in order to maintain the budget of your renovation project.


A home improvement loan is a good idea when you are sure of the repayments. Although your property is not tied to the loan as security, your credit score is surely at stake. If you default on the loan repayments, your credit score may be ruined. Also, it offers the flexibility in usage and terms of repayment. The amount received can be used for other purposes. It can be used to consolidate prior debts, finance a vacation or to fund the expenses of your wedding. The repayment can be easily spread over several months. When you plan to borrow money, don’t forget to Compare Loans for Home Improvement to find the best deals available.


Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For more information, go to MONEYADVICESERVICE.ORG.UK

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