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  • Money 101: The Psych behind Spending

    Money 101: The Psych behind Spending

    We’re all guilty of making impulse purchases at some point in our lives. Whether it’s that dress you bought to celebrate the summer spirit but never ended up wearing it or that treadmill which is now reduced to a clothing rack, we’ve all made some irrational shopping decisions. If you want to mend your spending […]

  • Personal Finance Tips That you Should Ignore

    Personal Finance Tips That you Should Ignore

    It is important to monitor your personal finances if you want to build a strong credit profile. Your credit report records your financial behaviour and makes it easier to track them. It is easy to spot and fix the root causes. You can also improve your credit score by reviewing your credit reports at least […]

  • Credit Card Vs Line of Credit

    Credit Card Vs Line of Credit

    Credit card is often used to pay for unplanned or unexpected expenses. You may not be able to access your savings in an emergency to cover the cost of an expense. It may be tempting to borrow credit to pay unexpected costs or fund ventures, but it is crucial to understand the type of credit […]

  • Top 10 Excuses People Give for Not Saving Money

    Top 10 Excuses People Give for Not Saving Money

    Savings are the pillars of a stable financial life. But it is surprising to see how often we overlook the importance of saving money. In our naive attempt to lead a #YOLO lifestyle, we tend to make the most absurd excuses to spend money like there’s no tomorrow. However, the lack of a financial safety […]

  • Unravelling the Concept of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’

    Should I Use 'Buy Now Pay Later'?

    Buy Now Pay Later schemes are the new, convenient form of credit. You can split the cost of your purchase over monthly instalments or defer the entire bill. But what impact does this have on the Brits’ spending habits? Here’s an analysis of the merits and demerits of BNPL. ⭐Personal Finance ⭐Money Management Remember that […]

  • 10 Easy Tips to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

    10 Tips to Save Money on Christmas

    Christmas shopping can sometimes break the bank. Given the current circumstances, it is important to secure your finances and not splurge unnecessarily. To make your Christmas merry, we’ve curated 10 superb tips that can help you save loads on your Christmas shopping ⭐Personal Finance ⭐Money Management You can hate it, you can like it, but […]

  • Couple Power: Managing Money as Partners

    Couple Power: Managing Money as Partners

    Money becomes the talking point of many couples and it also becomes a constant source of bickering if not managed well. Although it is not possible to see eye-to-eye with your partner when it comes to managing money – however, you can always find a way that works out for both of you. So, how […]

  • How Much Should you Spend on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales?

    Black Friday | Cyber Monday | UK | LoanTube

    The sale season is here officially. Most of the retailers have shifted their business online due to the impact of COVID-19. The cloud of furlough and recession are still hovering. Do you have a budget for the sale season shopping? How much are you planning to spend on the sales this year given the pandemic? […]

  • How to Create a Budget For Sale Shopping: 5 Steps

    Budget for Black Friday | LoanTube | UK

    Are you gearing up for the sale season? Do you have a budget for the shopping list that’s probably lying on your table? Having a budget before shopping has become quintessential, especially due to the financial impact COVID-19 has on our finances. ⭐Personal Finance ⭐Money Management As we approach the holiday season, we’re surrounded by […]

  • Should I Start a Side Hustle to Earn More Money?

    Side Hustles | UK | LoanTube

    The pandemic has surely hit thousands of families in the UK as approximately 9.6 million jobs have been furloughed from 1.2 million different employers. The government has already spent billions of pounds on the job retention scheme. If you still have your job, you are fortunate enough. But what about those who have been made […]

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