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Whether you are planning for a simple wedding or you are considering to tie the knot abroad – a wedding loan can help you. with managing your finances for your wedding. From your wedding to the honeymoon – cover the cost with a wedding loan.

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What is a Wedding Loan?

Although a wedding holds a special value in our lives, it has become a grand affair. A wedding loan is a personal loan that you can take out to fund your dream wedding

As these are personal loans you do not have to provide any collateral while borrowing this. That means your property or home will not be at stake if you do not repay. However, if you fail to repay the loan on time and in full, your credit score will be impacted severely.

You may use the funds that you receive from the loan for:

  • Buying your wedding dress
  • Buying the wedding rings
  • Pay for the venue and catering
  • Covering the shortfall in expenses
  • Honeymoon accommodation and convenience charges

Reasons to Borrow a Wedding Loan


Pay off the loan in fixed monthly repayments. Choose the repayment period accordingly.


You can use your savings for making other purchases or to cover the shortfall in funds.


The funds can also be used to pay your down payment for your new house with your partner.


The money is available upfront. You do no have to wait for days at end to gain access to funds.

Things to Consider Before Borrowing a Wedding Loan

  • You may feel tempted to apply for a loan to cover the entire cost of your wedding. That’s absolutely fine. However, you can reduce the amount of money you take out and the interest that’s payable on your loan by using any available savings you have.
  • This is a competitive market. Each wedding loan provider in the UK has its own “profile” which clearly denotes the type of customer they would like to work with. The closer you are to a lender’s profile, your chances of loan approval increases.
  • If you keep applying to multiple lenders, they’ll run a credit search every time. The more credit searches you have against your name, the less likely you are to get the wedding loan you want.
  • You should plan and set a budget for your wedding expenses. If you do not make a budget and stick to it, there are chances that you will spend over the budget and that might create financial trouble for you later.

Alternatives to Wedding Loans

A wedding is an expensive affair and the costs associated with it shoots up really quick. As it is one of the most special days of your life and you do not feel like taking up debt to say “I Do”, there are these alternatives that you must take into consideration.
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    Many people save for their big day way ahead of time. As a wedding comes with a hefty price tag, a meticulous saving plan is essential if you do not wish to borrow a personal loan. It is a cost-effective way to finance the cost of your wedding. A lot of couples start saving together for their dream day to avoid taking up a financial burden right when entering into the new phase of life.

  • Loan

    Credit cards are another alternative that is opted by many people to fund their weddings. However, the rate of interest on credit cards is too high. Therefore, if you do not have a proper repayment plan for the debt that you have taken, a credit card must be avoided. You can also lookup for 0% interest credit cards. There is an interest-free period after which, the credit card company will charge you if you haven’t repaid the loan.

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    Your friends and family may bring in presents and wedding gifts for you. If you do not have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your wedding, you can ask them not to get the gifts. Talk to them about your situation and ask them if they are willing to raise a crowdfund. After all, such wedding gifts are impossible to forget.

Why Should You Apply With Us?


Real Interest Rates

Unlike other loan comparison websites, we offer you a platform to compare the rates of personal loans on real time. That means you can now compare the loans on real interest rates rather than on proposed rates

Instant Decision

You do not have to wait for hours or days at end to know the decision of our lenders. It will hardly take a minute or two and you will receive detailed information like the lenders who have accepted your application and who have declined it.

Customer Ratings

We love our customers and so do they. A lot of our customers have appreciated our service that is simple, fast, and transparent. We believe in making the entire process less time consuming, straightforward and easy for a seamless borrowing experience.

FAQs on Wedding Loans

We have answered almost every question related to wedding loan that are frequently asked. If you do not find something, please contact us.

No. Our lenders lend only to customers who are aged 18 or above.
Yes – our lenders will need you to be in a full-time, permanent, employed role. If you are unemployed, you may not be able to pass the lender’s affordability assessments. The exception is if you have other good sources of incomes like rental income and you can convince lenders that you can afford to pay the loan with those other incomes.
Sorry, but that’s not possible at the moment. However, there is nothing to stop both of you taking individual wedding loans if needed. You will have to make two separate applications to do this.
We’re really sorry, we can’t help you at this moment. People on IVA, Debt Management Plan and on Bankruptcy are considered as negative customers by lenders. It is a sign that you can’t really manage your finances. Due to this, we are very sure we won’t be able to find you a loan if you are on IVA or Debt Management Plan or have filed a bankruptcy in past.
There are some personal details (like date of birth and where you’ve lived for the last few years) but most of the information we’ll need is financial, for example, who you work for, how much you earn, your monthly earnings & spendings, etc.
We don’t know how quickly they said “yes” to your proposal! However, your spouse-to-be or your civil partner-to-be will have to have said “yes” fast to beat LoanTube’s speed at giving you an answer.
If we have all the information we and our lenders need, a “yes” or “no” answer from lenders who are willing to lend you with their APRs/quotes will be displayed on your screen on a real-time basis.
No – we are a credit broker. We’re licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to match borrowers with lenders. We arrange your loan but we don’t transfer you the money and you don’t pay the money back to us – you do that for your lender. And to ensure the highest levels of industry practice across the board, we only work with lenders who have been inspected and given their licence by the Financial Conduct Authority.
When we become partners with a lender, one of the first things they do is to send us a list of the types of borrowers they would like to work with. You might be just the type of borrower one lender is looking for but another might not consider you. Our job is to pair you with the right lenders based on the information you give us.
Zero. LoanTube’s mission is to bring down the cost of borrowing by trying to find the cheapest rates for you. All of our hard work would be undone if we found you a great loan and then slapped a fee on top for our service. You never pay us a penny.
We get paid with a commission by a lender when our customer agrees to take a loan from one of our lenders we showed them and when the loan amount has been transferred to the customer’s bank account.
No, sorry, we don’t. We’re licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority and so are the lenders on our panel. Please note that no credit check is a marketing gimmick.
No. You can always say no if you feel like.

Representative APR Example

The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.

Representative APR Example: On an assumed loan amount of £2,600.00 over 36 months. Rate of interest 41% per annum (fixed). Representative 49.7% APR. Total amount payable £4,557.89 of which £1,957.89 is interest. 35 monthly repayments of £126.61 and a final payment of £126.54