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  • Should you Promote Small Businesses during COVID-19?

    Small Businesses | COVID-19 | UK | LoanTube

    It is quite evident that nobody is immune to the effect of pandemic’s effect. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed and majorly, the small businesses have been impacted. COVID-19 is no longer just a health crisis, it has turned into a major social and economic crisis across the globe. If we help the small businesses during this […]

  • Universal Credit: Am I Eligible?

    Universal Credit | UK | LoanTube

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  • Green Home Grant: Energy-saving Home Improvements

    Green Home Grant | UK | LoanTube

    On 8th July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a £2 billion Green Homes Grant Scheme, which is part of a wider £3 billion renewable plan to help the country rebound from the pandemic. Homeowners and landlords can apply for vouchers from September that will cover nearly two-thirds of the cost of updating their property. Could you […]

  • Brexit in the Time of Coronavirus: Opportunity or Risk?

    Brexit | Economy | COVID-19 | LoanTube

      While the entire United Kingdom has come together to fight against the “invisible enemy”, the Brexit logjam is still floating under the surface. With the rise in the pandemic, the pressure on the UK government is also developing to consider an extension of the transition period. How beneficial it would be for the struggling […]

  • The UK Debt Statistics: Personal and Household

    Debt Statistics | UK | LoanTube

      British residents now have £45bn more personal debt than they did a decade ago, representing a 25% increase.⭐Personal Loan ⭐Debt Statistics Debt is on the rise in the UK and the trend shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Figures released last week by the trade association for UK banking and finance, […]

  • Fears of “Debt Bubble” Spark Crack Down on Lending from Banks

    Lending from Banks Slows Down | Bank of England | UK | LoanTube

      Data from the Bank of England shows that banks’ appetite for lending is slowing at the fastest rate since the global financial crisis of 2008.⭐Lending Landscape ⭐Financial News UK borrowers could be finding it harder to access loans this year after a year-long debt binge. This is following new data released by the Bank […]

  • Thousands May Have Credit Card Suspended Under New Debt Rules

    FCA Credit Card Rules | LoanTube

      UK residents who are in persistent debt risk losing their credit card under new FCA rules that come into place next month. ⭐Debt Concerns ⭐Financial Literacy If you have been in debt for 36 months or more, you may be at risk of having your credit card suspended. This is due to the new […]

  • Choose the Best ISA in 2020: Know How

    Different types of ISA | UK | 2020 | LoanTube

    What is the best ISA to have in 2020, and are they even still worthwhile? Our experts answer your questions here. ⭐ISA 2020 ⭐Financial Tips The new year is often a good time to get your finances in order, with many having resolutions to get on top of their own personal financial affairs. There is […]

  • Universal Credit in 2020 – The Changes you Need to be Aware of

    The new year is set to bring good news for millions who are on Universal Credit, with the five-year freeze finally about to end. ⭐Universal Credit 2020 ⭐Industry Update The Government has announced it is set to increase welfare payments next year, to fall in line with inflation at 1.7 per cent. Universal Credit and […]

  • Payday Lender PiggyBank Goes Into Administration

    PiggyBank | Payday Loan | UK | FCA | LoanTube

      PiggyBank is the latest lender to go bust, in what could be a further signal that the end of the payday loan shark is near. ⭐Payday Lending ⭐Industry Update The lender joins a long list of payday loan companies who have fallen on hard times over the past 12 months, much to the delight […]

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