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  • Credit Utilisation Ratio and Credit Score

    Credit Utilisation Ratio and Credit Score

    Credit, if used responsibly, is a building block for your financial future. The use of credit not only helps you build assets but also in establishing a credit history. The richer your credit history, the better will be your credit score – and there’s not one but many reasons why you should maintain a high […]

  • How to Improve your Credit Score after you Receive a CCJ?

    CCJ | Credit Score | UK | LoanTube

    What is a County Court Judgement (CCJ)? A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a court order that is issued against a defaulter who fails to pay back their debt to a bank, lender or a financial institution. If you have been issued a CCJ, it indicates that you have committed a serious financial mistake, which […]

  • 6 Reasons to Check your Credit Report Today!

    Check your Credit Report

    Your credit report is an integral part of your financial statement. An erroneous report is an indicator that something’s wrong. What if you fall prey to an identity thief who’s planning fraudulent transactions in your name? This could harm your credit reputation to a great extent. In this article, we will discuss why it is […]

  • What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a House in the UK?

    Credit Score for Buying House | UK | LoanTube

    Credit scores have always played a dominant role in the home buying process. Because your mortgage rates largely depend on your relationship with credit. In the UK, there is no minimum credit score one needs to be eligible for buying a house. However, before getting into a deal, you should understand how your credit rating […]

  • How to Build your Credit History for the First Time

    Building Credit History For the First Time

    Building your credit history from scratch can be an extensive task. Your employment, your home, your expenses, your lifestyle – everything impacts your credit. What makes credit history so important? What impact does it have on your credit score? In this article, we will discuss the impact your credit history has on your finances and […]

  • Can Personal Loans Help you Build Credit?

    Build credit with Personal Loans

    Credit building is a crucial activity in laying the foundation of your financial future. While credit cards may be helpful, they may not be affordable. In such a case, taking out a small personal loan help in building your credit? Find out in this article ⭐Personal Finance ⭐Money Management ⭐Credit Score ⭐Personal Loan Credit plays […]

  • Fact Check: Does a Good Credit Score Indicate Good Financial Health?

    Credit Score | Financial Health | UK | LoanTube

    A good credit score can improve your creditworthiness and help you get approved for credit. But does it guarantee a good overall Financial Health? Find out what factors contribute towards your financial well being.⭐Financial Tips ⭐ Personal Finance Personal finance is how you manage your finances in accordance with your present expenditures, as well as […]

  • Credit Score: Factors that Have a Negative Impact on it

    Factors Affecting Credit Score | UK | LoanTube

    Maintaining a good credit score is not easy when there are so many factors being taken into consideration. We analysed the parameters in a credit report and several factors that can have a negative influence on your credit score. ⭐Credit Score ⭐Financial Tips A credit score is a 3 digit number that determines your reliability […]

  • How will the Pandemic Impact your Credit Score?

    Credit Score | Payment Holiday | UK | LoanTube

    Taking a break from the payments? Thousands of people are taking a payment holiday. But does a payment holiday will protect your score during COVID-19? ⭐Financial Tips ⭐Money Management The UK Government announced a nationwide lockdown last month. Since then, people have been dragged neck-deep into a financial turmoil. A number of employees are facing […]

  • How a Personal Loan Can Improve Your Credit Score?

    Personal Loans | LoanTube

    There’s no mystery to it that there are a number of ways a personal loan can improve your credit score. ⭐Know how ⭐Understand the credit scoring model ⭐Borrow Wisely

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