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  • Recovery Loan Scheme – Coronavirus Relief

    Recovery Loan Scheme – Coronavirus

    The devastating aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic has left global economies moving heaven and earth to restore economic stability. As companies are laying off employees or putting them on furloughs, many struggle to manage basic daily expenses. But it’s not just the employed population that has faced the wrath of the virus. Numerous big and […]

  • Should You Consider Home Improvement During COVID-19

    Home Improvement During COVID-19

    While we stayed stuck in our homes during the lockdown, we realized how we never paid head to our living environment. More and more people are treading ahead with their home improvement projects to equip their homes for a second wave. Should you too consider improving your home during COVID-19? ⭐Home Improvement ⭐Money Management COVID-19 […]

  • Should you Promote Small Businesses during COVID-19?

    Small Businesses | COVID-19 | UK | LoanTube

    It is quite evident that nobody is immune to the effect of pandemic’s effect. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed and majorly, the small businesses have been impacted. COVID-19 is no longer just a health crisis, it has turned into a major social and economic crisis across the globe. If we help the small businesses during this […]

  • How Much Should you Spend on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales?

    Black Friday | Cyber Monday | UK | LoanTube

    The sale season is here officially. Most of the retailers have shifted their business online due to the impact of COVID-19. The cloud of furlough and recession are still hovering. Do you have a budget for the sale season shopping? How much are you planning to spend on the sales this year given the pandemic? […]

  • How to Create a Budget For Sale Shopping: 5 Steps

    Budget for Black Friday | LoanTube | UK

    Are you gearing up for the sale season? Do you have a budget for the shopping list that’s probably lying on your table? Having a budget before shopping has become quintessential, especially due to the financial impact COVID-19 has on our finances. ⭐Personal Finance ⭐Money Management As we approach the holiday season, we’re surrounded by […]

  • Should I Start a Side Hustle to Earn More Money?

    Side Hustles | UK | LoanTube

    The pandemic has surely hit thousands of families in the UK as approximately 9.6 million jobs have been furloughed from 1.2 million different employers. The government has already spent billions of pounds on the job retention scheme. If you still have your job, you are fortunate enough. But what about those who have been made […]

  • How to Finance Home Improvement Projects during COVID-19?

    Home Improvement | COVID-19 | UK | LoanTube

    COVID-19 has reshaped our personal as well as professional lives in a way that none of us had ever imagined. Working from home has become the “new normal” as almost half of Britain has adopted this new culture. We have started spending more time in our homes and that has made us think about the […]

  • £7.4 bn Debt Paid Off: Is Britain’s Debt Crisis Winding Up?

    Britain's Debt Crisis | UK | LoanTube

    A new report by the Bank of England shows that the UK households have repaid £7.4 bn of debt on credit cards and personal loans in April. Is it because of the biggest fall in consumer spending stirred by COVID-19? Or Brits are developing the habit of saving money as they spend a lot of […]

  • The 2020 Crisis: Where is the Economy Headed?

    Financial Crisis 2020 | Pandemic | UK | LoanTube

    Public finances have changed dramatically in the first quarter of 2020. As the pandemic continues to impact lives and finances, we are waiting for a fundamental shift. Is it the worst economic downturn? ⭐COVID-19 ⭐The Great Lockdown The Coronavirus pandemic has put the global economy into great peril. But what’s more threatening is the fact […]

  • Britain: From a Nation of “Yolo Spenders” to “Savers”

    YOLO Spenders | Nation of Savers | UK | Loantube

    A few years back, Brits were becoming a nation of “YOLOs” while enjoying their life. However, the current pandemic has changed the money spending behaviour of Brits. Right now, the country is about to become a “Nation of Savers”. Has this pandemic tightened the strings of their purse? ⭐COVID-19 ⭐Money Management The coronavirus outbreak has […]

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