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Personal Finance Tools

Some expenses that bring a smile on the face of your loved ones are inevitable. It could be your wedding or a garage that needs improvement, or a holiday to make some unforgettable memories. For times like these, a little financial help that saves you from exhausting your savings could go a long way.

Planning a loan can be a daunting task. But we’re here to your rescue! From calculating repayments and APR to budget and savings, we’ve got you covered. Plan your loan from A – Z using our specialized tools, for an effortless borrowing experience.

Check your affordability and repayment amount…

Determine the overall cost of borrowing…

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How useful is a loan repayment calculator?

A Loan Repayment Calculator helps you check how much you will be obligated to pay in monthly installments towards it. This calculation is based on the amount of money you are planning to borrow, the length of your loan term and APR on the loan. This tool is handy for all your planned loans as it tells you how much you will have to pay each month beforehand. Now you can set this amount aside every time a repayment towards the loan is due.

What’s more, is that you can also check your affordability for a certain loan through this tool. This calculation is based on the amount of money you can afford to pay each month, along with the loan tenure and the APR. Borrowing more than what you can afford will agitate your finances and may push you into debt. So save yourself from overwhelming monthly repayments with this tool.

What is an APR calculator?

If you’ve been shopping around for loans, you must be familiar with the term APR or Annual Percentage Rate. An APR is an overall interest that consolidates fees and charges along with the interest rate on your loan. While interest rate gives you a monthly account of the money charged on your loan, an APR is calculated over a whole year. Ideally, an APR calculator will need your Loan amount, Finance charges, Loan term, and Interest rate to propose a figure.

APR is a measure through which you can compare different loans. Since APR includes all overhead charges other than interest, you can compare loan offers to find one with the minimum fee. Some loans may have similar interest rates, but different APR . So while choosing your lender, find one who offers you the minimum APR.

How does a savings calculator work?

A savings calculator ideally helps you in keeping a tab on your expenditures and calculating how much can be saved each month by cutting down what’s unnecessary. All you need to do is enter the amount of money that you’ll spend this month and you target amount for the following month. For instance, if you’re spending t £100 on alcohol, set an aim for £70 for the following month. This way, you will save £30 just on alcohol expenditure. Now a savings calculator will calculate the total expenditure for all the amenities that you’ll use for the entire month.

How helpful is a budgeting app?

Not all of us are financial experts. We may need a third opinion on our financial decisions from time to time. When you make a budget on your own, you may set unrealistic budgeting goals. Now that you can’t keep up with them, you may feel demotivated and deviate from the budget altogether. The best way to tackle a budgeting crisis is to use a budget calculator. A simple budget calculator can be immensely helpful for people struggling with their spending habits or a debt. A budget can make you feel more in control of your finances. Ideally, a budget calculator will need information about all sources of your income such as pay/pension, and all your expenses such as bills or utilities. With this data, the calculator will do the heavy lifting for you, and crunch the numbers for your monthly budget. Building a basic budget and adhering to it can be critical to your long term financial success. Therefore, a good online budget calculator that provides a robust strategy, is the way to go!

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