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Side Hustles: Make Money Outside the 9 to 5 Schedule

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A side hustle is a fun way to pursue a career outside of the monotony of 9-5. What if you could capitalize on this opportunity and make some extra money while following your passion? Learn how side hustles can help you grow professionally as well as financially. What are the best side hustle career options these days? ⭐Personal Finance ⭐ Money Management

Many times, there are certain limitations on your job, which bind you to pre-defined daily tasks. This might hamper your personal growth. Besides, there should be a time in your schedule, dedicated to your honing your skill-set outside of work. A side hustle is an activity that you can take up outside of your regular job, basically an alternate career. This can a hobby that you’ve always wanted to pursue as a career option or a skill that you have mastered. Side Hustle not only helps you in gaining confidence in showcasing your skillset to a diverse audience but also helps you in making some extra money with your skillset. After all, we could all use some extra money to cope with the ongoing financial turmoil, owing to the pandemic.

We did some deep diving and curated a list of some trending side-hustle career ideas for you.

Side Hustle Career Option #1: Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers are people with a decent amount of followers, who post content that gets good engagement. To become an Instagram influencer, you need to establish authenticity and a sense of trustworthiness through your content. But don’t start posting just yet. Organize your thoughts and find your niche and stick to it in order to build your own brand. You could choose from travel to food, fashion and fashion, the list is endless. Now that you’re ready to start, ensure that your posts are consistent, while also improving the quality of your content.

Some tips to becoming an unstoppable force on IG:

  1. Be consistent with your posts
  2. Engage with your followers through likes and comments
  3. Use Hashtags to increase the reach of your content
  4. Collaborate with Brands to increase your credibility and engagement

Being an Instagram influencer is not a cake-walk. You have to constantly maintain a responsible public image as people look up to you. But the best part is that it lets your creative genius take charge to create something out of the box.

Side Hustle Career Option #2: Blogging or Freelance Writing

You’ll be surprised to know how great of a creative outlet writing can be! With over 505 million blogs all over the web today, Blogging has seen significant growth since people first found out about it. A blog refers to an online journal that contains information relevant to a particular topic or issue. A blog may have someone’s opinion on a subject or information about the subject itself. For becoming a blogger, you don’t need to be a skilled writer. Blogs can be conversational and informal or concise and insightful, depending on the requirement of the subject.

Here are some steps to help you kick start your blogging career:

  1. Channel your train of thoughts towards one direction to find a niche
  2. Choose a good platform to publish your blog – for instance, WordPress
  3. Use a good theme for your blog
  4. Write the blog and publish it
  5. Find ways to increase traffic on your blog
  6. Connect with brands and companies and write promotional blogs

Blogging can help you in:

  1. Honing your literary as well as analytical skillset
  2. Gaining expertise in a subject
  3. Becoming confident and expressive
  4. Increasing your social network in the field
  5. Monetary incentive

After all, it’s not every day you get paid to express your opinion!

Side Hustle Career Option #3: Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is simply e-commerce without an actual inventory. In this arrangement, an online e-commerce store sells a product to a customer, but the product travels from the wholesaler to the consumer directly, without the retailer’s involvement. This means that the retailer doesn’t need to maintain an inventory. Instead, retailers work in close association with their distributors to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the consumer. Following are the steps involved in a drop shipping model:

  1. The user places an order on an online store.
  2. The online store transfers the order to a third party wholesaler or distributor.
  3. This wholesaler will then undertake the packaging and delivery of the product.
  4. Once this is done, the online store informs the customer that their product has been shipped.

Dropshipping is a great option for people who want an inexpensive business model. This option is also quite manageable as the supply chain model is not very complex. It provides flexibility as it is based on the ‘demand and supply’ principle. You can always add new products or remove obsolete products that are not in demand anymore. You’re basically your own boss. And the best part is that you don’t need any entrepreneurial experience to become a drop shipper – it is a stress-free way to build your business.

In conclusion

Taking up a side hustle can certainly help you make some extra money. It not only helps you develop new skills or enhance the existing ones but also gives you creative freedom. With time, chances are that you expand your side business to an extent that it becomes a cushion to fall back on, should you wish to take a break from your job. A side hustle is the best opportunity that you can get, to live your life on your own terms. It is a step up on your professional ladder.

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