We’ve compiled a list of ⭐TOP 10 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS ON PERSONAL FINANCE⭐ in the UK. Explore the complete list to reach your financial aspiration.

Personal finance is the management of one’s financials in terms of budgeting, investing, saving, and spending considering the associated risks and vulnerabilities. Financial planning has often led to dynamic results in the lives of people. Understanding the basics of personal finance will give a boost to the control one has on their money.

Master your personal finance and know how to get back on your financial track by following these top 10 Personal Finance accounts on Instagram in the UK.

1. frugal_me_free

You can save a lot of money by learning how to budget properly and keep track of your expenses. This Instagram feed pour undivided attention to help its followers gain control over their personal finance and how to deal with their debts.

Learn the art of saving and budgeting with a few simple tips. At some point, we feel budgeting takes away all the fun. However, you will get to know that living frugally doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fun. Know how to prioritize your expenses and live a debt-free life. Get encouraged by the beautiful and inspiring debt free journey by following this Instagram account.

2. frompenniestopounds

Francesca inspires her followers by helping them to budget and earns extra money. As earning a bit extra has never done any harm to anyone. This Instagram feed will help you learn various ways to pay off your debt. With the average UK household debt at £15,400, people in the UK have to take care of their personal finances. Form better money habits to reduce debt and be financially independent.


Along with advice, this feed also has tips and posts for financial success. Packed with encouraging quotes and words, frompenniestopounds help people cut back on unnecessary expenses. It teaches the way to strike a balance between your income and expenses. Following this account one may learn the strategies to tackle the burden of debt in a faster and smoother way.

3. go_fund_yourself

This Instagram account by Alice talks about money – how to earn it, spend it, save it, and invest it. The most powerful thing we can teach anybody is the importance of money and how most of the decisions we make in our lives are based on the availability of money. You can treat this IG feed as an ultimate guide to boost your finances. Everything that you need to understand the basics of budgeting is here, at one place.

Learning how to budget is not challenging. The real challenge is in sticking to the budget you’ve made to improve your finances. Gain control over your finances quickly, get out of debt and save more money is the message this feed spreads out. Some financial lessons cannot be preached overnight. They have to be practised for months and then the result will be beneficial.

4. frugalfox

There are countless ways to live an amazing life on a small budget. This feed will teach you how to do it right. Creating financial stability is much more important than maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. Learn how to be smart with the resources that you have, which will help you to save a lot of money. It is important to make money saving a priority in order to have a financially secured life. Luci on her IG feed posts how to be in sync with the current trends while on a budget.


Followers can view posts on budget beauty, frugal lifestyle, frugal fashion, and wedding planning. She feels that one may live their life on their own terms while on a budget. Because there are ways to live on a budget while not feeling restricted. Her blog offers ideas and bits of advice on a wide range of topics and ways to have a pleasant lifestyle without any compromise.

5. mrsmummypennyuk

Lynn James is the proud owner of this Instagram account. She is the winner of Best Parent & Money Blog 2017. She writes about personal finance. Learn how making simple choices can help one save money. She offers various tips and advice on creating a realistic budget on her blog. Lynn believes that one doesn’t have to go give up the things they love in order to save money.

Apart from that she also writes on body, mind and lifestyle. Discover endless money saving ideas, including tips of budgeting. If you want to maintain your financial fitness, this account may help you form some good money saving habits. Because a penny saved is a penny made!

6. wannabedebtfree

The author of “How to Get Out of Debt” Grainne McNamee posts advice on debt-free life and budgeting. Filled with powerful quotes and tips on personal finance, this IG account is a “not to miss” if you are looking for ways to build up your personal finances. Setting a goal to improve your financial life will help you a lot in staying on the right track.

Get ideas and tips to fix your debts off. The process starts when you set a goal and work towards it with a mindset of achieving it. And all this is easier said than done. Setting clear goals can motivate you to take action and help you focus on things that are important. And tips have always made our lives simpler. Follow this page and get into some action to improve your finances.

7. katiesaves

Katie understands the value of leading a debt-free life and hence, she makes it a point to guide other people who are relentlessly trying to get out of the debt spiral in the UK. She also shares her personal experience on debt free journey to help individuals fight against unnecessary debts. The IG feed also has posts on money making and money saving ideas to help followers set a clear goal to attain financial success.

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I've been having car trouble quite a lot recently. The first response from anyone (who I haven't even asked advice from…) "why don't you get a new one? You can get some really good finance deals!" . We already have one car on finance. Which is the 'family' car – it's new, it's safe, it's comfortable and has all the room you need for car seats, prams and all the other crap you have to make space for when a baby comes along. . Am I happy that it's on finance? No. But in this situation our baby's safety was priority and so I compromised. . Do I need a car on finance though? Absolutely not. My morning commute takes less than 10 minutes, and I do it 3 times a week – why on earth do I need an expensive car to pay off for the next however many years just for that? . I need a car that gets me from A to B. That's it. I don't take Elise anywhere in my car. Luke only drives it if we have an appointment out of town and I need the main car. So finance is not an option for me! . (And just for the record, neither is cycling/running/catching the bus – though I'm only 10 minutes away, it's 10 minutes down a dual carriageway and we live in the valleys so I can't get a bus) . It seems like finance is the answer to everything – need a new sofa? Get it on finance. Car trouble – finance! . Do you actually NEED that thing you're about to put on finance? A new car might be 'only' £150ish a month, but do you know how much £150 is to a single part time household? It's a hell of a lot, and it's not the answer for me! . My car will keep going until it doesn't and then we will replace it with an older car fully cash flowed. And that's the plan! . . . #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunityuk #ukdebtfreecommunity #debtsucks #saynotodebt #savemoney #smartmoneymoves #ukmoneybloggers #personalfinanceforwomen #personalfinance

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katiesaves has some of the inspiring posts with powerful words that will lead one to ponder over their money habits. Learn how to prioritise and strategise your expenses in order to gain control over your finances. Switch to healthy money spending habits by following her tips and advice on her IG account.

8. charlottemusha

Success is not about reaching a particular destination, it is all about the journey. The moment you see the posts shared on this Instagram feed, you will know how successfully the owner has turned her dreams into money. She has set her money goals clear to eliminate debt, build wealth and to live a happy life. She follows America’s trusted voice on money – Dave Ramsey. Learn how taking baby steps will help you in reaching your destination.  

She also shares her stories on how she makes money to manage her wealth building process that may raise your spirits. She organizes giveaways and referral codes as well. A properly designed money management plan may help to get out of debt in an easy and smooth manner. Financial stability is a quintessential segment of our personal lives. Save for the future and learn how to be smart with money with the tips shared on this IG feed.

9. thismumsavesmoney

The average weekly household expenditure in the UK was £572.60 in the financial year ending 2018. This IG feed is a “must follow” if you are really trying to cut down your expenses. We often end up spending more than what is required on items, which we discard soon after we buy it. That’s a sheer waste of money. This account inspires its followers by posts that teaches how you can search for items, which are less priced to save money.


Know how we can actually save a great deal of money on our everyday buys. It is not always a big ticket purchase that makes a hole in our pocket. Small expenses disturb your personal finance gradually and then one day, we realise we are knee deep in debts. Avoid such situation by following a few little and easy tips that this feed shares. The more you save, the better it is.

10. wisewiththepennies

Being wise with your money will be one of the driving decisions of your life that will help you set your pace for financial success. Personal experiences have always impacted lives significantly. By following this feed, you can change your behaviour and attitude towards money. This account is an example that shows finance can be fun too if understood in the right way.

The less you spend, the more stable you are financially. Start eliminating your debt and have some inspiration from these posts that may make your day.

Therefore, follow those who interest you because that’s what is going to shape your financial future. Explore posts and accounts on Instagram that connect with your financial goal. In that way, you will always be in sync with your aim.