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Top 10 UK Women in FinTech : The Powerlist

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For the success of any industry, what we need is talent. And women have proved to be the real game-changers and leaders of any industry. In Fintech too, they are proving to be immensely capable and talented at all levels, unfailingly. With their vital contribution to the industry’s success – they have become the major accelerator. This post has the list 10 such powerful women in the UK who are shaping a sustainable sector.⭐Women in Fintech ⭐UK Powerlist

Understanding gaps in the financial market is a dynamic skill that this industry needs. FinTech is a sector that strongly relies on capital and talent. Besides, adapting to the financial regulations while making strategic decisions is also an influencing factor. FinTech industry in the UK has less than 30% of a female as its workforce. There is a gender gap in FinTech like every other sector. However, some women have showcased their talent by creating new possibilities in the financial services sector. A diverse team is believed to bring in values to an organization. Many experts suggest that diversity is directly proportional to business performance.

There are thousands of women who are making their mark in the financial services sector. These women have answered the million-dollar question – “Why diversity matters?”.

Top 10 UK Women in FinTech

1. Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance is an industry body that represents the UK FinTech sector. Charlotte had help senior positions of responsibility in Nasdaq, and London Stock Exchange. In an interview, she told that she was always attracted to the government, technology, and finance. She is very determined for making a healthy financial ecosystem in the UK. Under her strong leadership, Innovate Finance was intended to become the voice of the sector. This would have helped in addressing grave concerns such as funding and talent gaps. Being in a highly-skilled sector, Charlotte has seamlessly managed major issues.

2. Devie Mohan, Co-founder & CEO, Burnmark

With an understanding of international financial and technological markets, Devie inspires a lot of young females in the financial services sector. Her previous experience of working with giants like Goldman Sachs, Thomson Reuters and many more have helped her to become a financial advisor. She was listed in the Global Top 10 FinTech Influencer. Born in a coastal town in Southern India – Devie has shown that talent and passion are the two major drivers of professional and personal growth.

3. Alison Rose, CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland

She has worked at the RBS for 27 years in a variety of roles. Alison is the 1st woman to be chief executive of a Big Four UK Bank. Also, she is the first woman to lead RBS since its foundation in 1927. After spotting the gaps in funding, she launched a £1billion fund for female entrepreneurs. She took this decision after she found out that only 1% of Venture Capital funding went to “all-women” teams. She believes that supporting promising entrepreneurs will boost the economy of the UK.

4. Randa Bennett, Founder & CEO, VeeLoop

Randa is all set to redefine the way the younger generation shops online. With everything coming online after the pandemic, VeeLoop is making its way to the top. It is a payment service that allows children to send their baskets to their parents to verify and pay. Teens do not have payment cards and they take money from their parents to buy things. Randa and Patricia (Co-founder) have raised funding and have built a great team to take their idea forward.

5. Katrin Herrling, CEO & Co-founder, Funding Xchange

Katrin witnessed challenge in arranging funds when she was managing her family’s dairy farm. Funding Xchange allows you to gain control over finding finance and plans that will suit your business requirements. She is passionate about making finance easy, quick and transparent for businesses. Proud business owners can easily compare terms that are available to them by multiple loan providers.

6. Michelle Pearce-Burke, Co-founder, Wealthify

Michelle has created a ripple in the investment industry, which is mostly dominated by men. Breaking through the barriers was never easy. She believes that women can do a lot better with their money rather than letting it sit in cash. The money men earn is invested and that contribute towards the economy. If women start investing their money, the economy could grow significantly. Wealthify is backed by Aviva – a multinational insurance company.

7. Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer, Zopa

Zopa is one of the most popular peer-to-peer lending companies in the UK. Clare heads the Marketing, Operations, and HR teams to ensure the growth of the business. She has experience of working with Virgin Active, Boston Consulting Group, and Procter & Gamble. In an industry where men occupy the senior positions at large, Clare has made her way to the top by overcoming every hurdle that she faced on her way.

8. Julia Groves, Partner & ESG Lead, Downing LLP

Julia had co-founded British Airways and since then she has proved her role to be instrumental in the reformation of regulation for crowd investors. She joined Downing in 2016 and now she is leading the firm to become a responsible investor. Julia is also known for the Trillion Fund – a loan based platform for crowdfunding for renewable energy projects. She is also a senior fellow of “Finance Lab”.

9. Katia Lang, Founder, Fintech Times

There is a big gap in the gender ratio when it comes to the finance and tech industry. But even with such constraints, Katia was named among the top 100 Women in FinTech. She is an ambitious entrepreneur who is fueled by her passion for finance and technology. She has experience of developing strategic business plans and also have launched projects across Europe. Katia made Fintech Times to a global media brand from scratch.

10. Kaushalya Somasundaram, Head of Payments Partnerships, Square UK

Kaushalya had held the position of Director in the HSBC Strategic Innovation Investment Team. She also has experience of working with UBS and PWC. She was listed among top 100 Women in FinTech by UK Innovate Finance in 2017. She has earned numerous accolades and recognitions for her contribution to the shaping of the Fintech industry.

Fintech is transforming the financial services industry and the number of firms in the UK may double by 2030. Diversity and inclusion have the potential to change the way consumers and businesses interact with the services. Building awareness is one of the key factors that may pave the way for inclusion. Female entrepreneurs struggle to raise capital as 48% of venture capital firms have zero women in their investment team. A diverse workforce may have endless results and there is a dire need to get more people from different backgrounds into Fintech. A concentrated effort will lead to a change along with collected leadership.

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