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  • Personal Finance: A QnA Session

    Personal Finance

    The revolution in technology and financial regulations over the last 10 years has had a great influence over the Personal Finance market. These changes allow people to do much more with their money than just saving. With knowledge about Personal Finance and the right tools, you can do a lot more with your money. In […]

  • Small Personal Loans: What they are and How they Work?

    Small Personal Loans

    Personal loans can be your go-to for a variety of circumstances. But sometimes, you need very little cash to bridge the gaps for some modest but pressing needs. In such a case, a Small Personal loan may be a more viable option than it’s counterparts. What are Small Personal Loans? As the name suggests, a […]

  • Personal Guarantee in a Nutshell: How Does it Work?

    Personal Guarantee on Loans

    If you’ve ever considered taking out a loan with low income or a below-average credit score, you may have come across the term ‘Personal Guarantee’. When you sign up as a personal guarantor, you permit a lender to hold you accountable, if the debtor doesn’t repay the loan. Personal guarantee also plays a significant role […]

  • Mortgage Holiday – How Does it Work?

    Mortgage Holidays | UK | LoanTube

    Sometimes we face uncertain situations that make it difficult for us to keep a tab on our finances. And the most hard-hitting areas in our life is – loan repayments. COVID-19 has made a ruckus of our financial lives and credit providers have taken initiatives to help their borrowers. They are allowing the borrowers to […]

  • Instalment Loans – Here’s Everything that you Should Know

    Instalment Loans

    As the name suggests, an installment loan is simply a financial product that you can repay in installments over a period. Generally, people who have large expenses to make borrow an installment loan as it allows them to make the payments in fixed monthly installments. The credit provider will set an interest rate on the […]

  • How Do 0% APR Work – Explained

    0% APR | UK | LoanTube

    You must have read about 0% APR on the internet. Or you must have come across advertisements by credit card companies featuring their offer. “0% APR” catches a lot of eyeballs as it sounds as if you can borrow money from a lender or credit card company – without paying any interest on the borrowed […]

  • What is a Home Equity Loan and How Does it Work?

    Home Equity Loan | UK | LoanTube

    A home equity loan is one where you can use a portion of your equity on your home to borrow a loan on instalment. It can be helpful for you to repay your existing debts using an equity loan. You may also choose to refinance your current loan or manage the expenses of an emergency. […]

  • Overdrafts: How to Work Your Way Around Them

    Overdraft | UK | LoanTube

    An unprecedented contingency can put your finances to test. Sometimes, you may have to spend more than what your bank account can cover. In such situations, an overdraft arranged with your financial institution may aid in alleviating your stress. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Overdrafts, to help you make an […]

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Title Loans

    Title Loans | UK | LoanTube

    What are title loans? A title loan is a type of loan which you can get by declaring an asset as collateral. This loan is sought-after mainly because lenders don’t take the applicant’s credit report into account. Another plus point of these loans is that you can borrow an amount as less as £100. However, […]

  • Remortgaging: Is Now a Good Time?

    Remortgage | UK | LoanTube

    What does re-mortgaging mean? In simple terms, re-mortgaging refers to switching from your existing mortgage to a new one, in an attempt to lower the monthly installments. People may also re-mortgage their property to borrow more money against it. Mortgage services usually provide enticing rates initially, to attract borrowers. However, a few years into the […]

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