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  • Unsecured Personal Loan for Wedding: A Good Idea?

    Personal Loans for Wedding | UK | LoanTube

    Out of all events in our lives, weddings hold a special place. Most people want to celebrate a brand new chapter of their life in a grand way. But a grand wedding comes with a hefty price tag. If you are planning to tie the knot soon, then finances must be on the top of […]

  • Everything you want to know about credit scores

    Credit Score | UK | LoanTube

    A credit score is a reflection of your financial behaviour. It defines your capability of borrowing a loan, credit card or any other financial product. Put simply, the better your score, the better rates you will be offered. Although each lender has its lending criteria, they do look into your profile to know about the […]

  • What is a County Court Judgement (CCJ)?

    CCJ | UK | LoanTube

    We borrow personal loans to gap the bridge between our expenses. But sometimes, we meet more uncertainties that make it difficult for us to repay the loan that we have taken. You must have heard a thousand times that if you continuously miss repayments, you may receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ). But do you […]

  • Are Home Improvement Loans Worth It?

    Home Improvement Loans | UK | LoanTube

    When we plan to renovate our homes, the thought of funds kicks in sooner or later. Some of us may have got a chance to save up money for financing the improvements. But those who do not have enough funds to carry out the project – may find themselves asking whether home improvement loans are […]

  • What is a Secured Loan?

    Secured Loans | UK | LoanTube

    A secured loan is a loan that you borrow against an asset that you own, generally your home. It is a great financing tool if you want to borrow a large sum of money for a long period. If you have a bad credit score, you will have a chance to improve it as the […]

  • Loans with Guarantor – All you Need to Know

    Guarantor Loans | UK | LoanTube

    Guarantor loans are one way to help someone borrow money if they’re struggling to borrow money on their own. Poor credit history may affect your ability to borrow a personal loan. However, there are risks involved for both the guarantor and the borrower when they enter into an agreement. Who can be a loan guarantor? […]

  • What is a Long-term Loan?

    Long Term Loan | UK | LoanTube

    A long-term personal loan allows you to borrow a huge sum of money that you can repay over several years. The maximum repayment period for a long-term personal loan is 7 years. It becomes difficult to find a personal loan that has a repayment period of more than 7 years. The loan amount that you […]

  • What is an Unsecured Personal Loan?

    Unsecured Personal Loan | UK | LoanTube

    An unsecured personal loan is a type of loan that doesn’t require you to provide any collateral. That means you can borrow a loan even if you do not possess an asset such as a home. It can be used for a variety of purposes. From using the funds to cover the expenses of your […]

  • Should I Borrow Money to Pay Off my Debt?

    Debt Consolidation | Personal Loans | UK | LoanTube

    If your debts are rapidly spiralling and you think it’s difficult to gain control of your debt – there are many ways you can take care of them. Unfortunately, most of us have more debts than savings. So, when you witness such situations where you do not have much savings, you turn towards personal loans […]

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