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  • Simple Loan Application process
  • Get the Loan Decision instantly
  • Compare Actual APRs among multiple lenders

Welcome to LoanTube

A real time Peer to Peer Lending Company that brings lenders and borrowers to a common platform.

By making a single search on, you get the best available loan deal for you matching your credit profile and your financial circumstances.

Searching for a loan on LoanTube is as simple as searching for your flight ticket online.

All peer lenders on LoanTube get freedom to make personalised loan quotations to match with the needs of borrowers using our proprietary Fully Automated Real Time Quotations Bidding Technology. This enables the Lenders to offer different APRs automatically and in real time to each & every borrower.

A Revolutionary Peer to Peer Lending Platform

for Borrowers and Lenders


How LoanTube Works ?


Benefits for Borrowers

  • Your Loan journey starts with Loan Tube. As you enter your loan requirements and your details, a unique loan profile is created for you automatically.
  • You get instant access to all the Loan Lenders. With a single search, your loan profile is processed and matched with all Peer Lenders in one go so you don’t have to apply again with any of these lenders.
  • You can choose the Best Loan. As you run a search, Loan Tube peer lenders quote APRs and monthly instalments instantly for your loan application. We make the real time loan comparisons and show you the cheapest APRs.
  • It is quick and easy to find the Cheapest Loan.The entire process is easy to conduct and understand. Searching for the cheapest loan on Loan Tube is as easy as searching for the cheapest flight on a flight comparison website.
  • With Loan Tube's loan search by your side, finding the most pocket friendly loan is truly child's play !

Benefits for Lenders

  • At Loan Tube, we help lenders to operate their lending business as effortlessly as operating their Social Media Account or their Google Adwords account. We take care for all the Tech part. As a lender, you just need to join us and create your account like you do for Google Adwords and that’s it.
  • Our easy to use accounts and loan campaigns give you the power to quote your predefined APRs as and when any loan application matches with your campaign criteria. It is that simple to conduct your business on our platform.
  • You can create as many campaigns as you want-- from 1 to 100, or 1000, the decision is all yours. If you want separate campaigns with separate APRs for different types of borrower, we allow you to have a variation.You can always ask to add more features and criteria to your account if you want to underwrite the loan applications differently.Your business needs are our business needs.
  • Loan Tube is backed and supported by the most innovative technologies and a team of world class developers where we share a vision to revolutionise the lending industry. We consider loan application much more than just a credit score.
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Registered as Tiger Lion Financial Limited, based in the heart of London, our mission is to make loans easy to access, easy to repay and easy to lend, for both the borrowers and lenders alike.

Our Tech backed system performs automatic checks to build Loan Profiles which includes:

  • Identity check
  • Background check
  • Income-affordability check
  • Credit score check

Our state of the art systems at LoanTube further match each Loan Profile with all the Lenders on a one-on-one basis and fetch out the cheapest Quotations for each Loan Profile. We do it for every single loan application, all automatically and all in real time. Our systems never get tired.

At LoanTube, we ensure safety and security of all loan deals among the peer lenders and borrowers. Our security system is the watch guard to both.

LoanTube is a one stop solution to the Borrowers' needs. For Lenders it is a new way of doing business.

LoanTube is a trading name of Tiger Lion Financial Limited

Tiger Lion Financial Limited is registered under

Company House with company number: 10189367

Registered Office Address:

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden,

London, WC2H 9JQ

Patents filed and Pending as follows:

UK Patent: GB1709524.1

International Patent: PCT/IB2017/053568


Trade Mark Application No. UK00003238786