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Looking for a personal loan of £2800? You can borrow a small loan amount from any of our lenders without hurting your credit score. Easy to complete online application process with no hidden fees.

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£2800 Loan Options Online from Direct Lenders

LoanTube is not a lender. We are a broker and we have partnered with lenders across the UK to offer you the convenience of borrowing a loan on real-time. That means when you borrow a loan through us from any of our lenders – the rate you see is the rate you will get.

You can borrow £2800 loan from direct lenders through us by comparing multiple loan quotes from different lenders. You may choose the one that is perfect according to your budget and requirements. Also, comparing loans before you borrow helps you in saving time, efforts, and money too.

We deal in a wide array of unsecured personal loans in the UK. We have a single application system. You just have to fill the application form once, and we will send it to multiple lenders on our board. Our state-of-the-art system helps the lenders to assess your credit profile and arrive at their decision within seconds of application submission.

Reasons to Borrow a £2800 Loan


You may borrow £2800 over 6 months or 12 months – choose the repayment term according to your budget to spread the repayment cost.


If you need a £2800 loan in the UK, you do not have to step out of your home. You can apply for a loan online & save a lot of time.


You don’t need to apply for a £2800 loan with a guarantor if you have a good credit score. You need a guarantor only if your score is bad.


You can borrow a £2800 loan for short-term. Use the funds for making minor home improvements or to cover an unexpected expense.

Things to Consider Before Borrowing a £2800 Loan

  • Check the monthly repayment amount before you sign on the dotted line. Ensure that you can afford that repayment amount easily every month till the loan completion period to avoid damaging your credit score.
  • In short, borrow a loan that you can afford to repay. If you get tempted to borrow more than you can afford, it will create financial troubles for you later when the debt will spiral into a huge amount.
  • Calculate your budget before you apply for a £2800 loan. Evaluate your income and expenses to stay well within your monthly budget.
  • Never borrow a loan from lenders or through brokers who are not registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You may get into a scam if you deal with unauthorised lending firms.
  • Although £2800 loan is unsecured, your credit score is at stake. If you make the repayments on time and in full, your credit score will improve gradually. But if you fail to do so, it will have an adverse impact on your score.

Borrow £2800 from LoanTube

You will get a lot of offers when searching for your ideal loan. To help you with your search, we have partnered with some of Britain’s reputed lenders who offer £2800 Loans. These loans are unsecured and hence, you do not have to offer any collateral to avail it.

Compare loan quotes from multiple lenders without hurting your credit score. That means rather than visiting multiple websites to receive quotes, you can save your time by filling up a single application form. Submit the form online and wait for a few seconds. Also, it will not harm your score as all of our lenders use a soft search to offer the quotes. You will see a list of lenders who are willing to offer you their quotes.

Compare the interest rates and APRs and make your decision. Go through the Terms & Conditions offered by the lender to know what you are entering into. With an unsecured short-term personal loan, you can easily manage the monthly repayments.

Why Should You Apply With Us?

Real Interest Rates

Unlike other loan comparison websites, we offer you a platform to compare the rates of personal loans on real time. That means you can now compare the loans on real interest rates rather than on proposed rates

Instant Decision

You do not have to wait for hours or days at end to know the decision of our lenders. It will hardly take a minute or two and you will receive detailed information like the lenders who have accepted your application and who have declined it.

Customer Ratings

We love our customers and so do they. A lot of our customers have appreciated our service that is simple, fast, and transparent. We believe in making the entire process less time consuming, straightforward and easy for a seamless borrowing experience.

FAQs on £2800 Loans

We have answered almost every question related to £2800 loan that is frequently asked. If you do not find something, please contact us.
You need to be in a permanent and paid employment. If you have good sources of income like rental income and you can convince lenders that you can afford to pay the loan then your application may get approved.

You can borrow a loan for 1 year to 7 years.

Making regular repayments on time and in full builds your credit score.

You can borrow an unsecured personal loan online in the UK. Ensure you choose an FCA authorised lender/credit broker to deal with.

You can start the process by filling up a loan application form here. Submit it online and wait for a few seconds for our lenders to form their decision. You will see the offers on your screen within a couple of seconds.

Comparing multiple loan offers before borrowing a loan helps you to find the lowest rate that is available to you.

LoanTube doesn’t lend you the money- we’re a credit broker and not a lender. As a credit broker, we act as a bridge between lenders and borrowers. We connect you with the lenders (all licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority) who will consider your loan application. Applying through LoanTube means you don’t have to submit dozens of applications individually to each lender to get your loan decision.

When we become partners with a lender, one of the first things they do is to send us a list of the types of borrowers they would like to work with. You might be just the type of borrower one lender is looking for but another might not consider you. Our job is to pair you with the right lenders based on the information you give us.

No. You’re never under any obligation to accept an offer that you receive from LoanTube. Even if we say “yes” then you turn around and tell us “no”, there’s no charge for our service.

Representative APR Example

The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.

Representative APR Example: On an assumed loan amount of £2,600.00 over 36 months. Rate of interest 41% per annum (fixed). Representative 49.7% APR. Total amount payable £4,557.89 of which £1,957.89 is interest. 35 monthly repayments of £126.61 and a final payment of £126.54