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How to Get Unsecured £15000 Loans?

If you need £15000 loans in an instant, compare offers from lenders online. You will have to fill an application form and submit it so that the lenders can assess your profile before making their decision. You may find a lot of offers when you start your search, ensure to choose a lender who is authorised by the FCA.

You will get an unsecured loan if you have a stellar credit score. However, you can still borrow £15000 loans with a guarantor if your score is not good enough. Taking out a loan with a guarantor may attract good interest rates. If your guarantor has a good credit rating and a regular source of income, you may get £15000 loans at a low-interest rate.

You can fill our loan application form here to compare multiple offers for £15000 loans in the UK.

Reasons to Borrow £15000 Loans


You can borrow £15000 loans to consolidate your existing debts. Merging your debts into one will allow you to manage your debts efficiently.


You can repay £15000 loans in small monthly repayments. The monthly repayment amount is fixed. So, it will be easier to manage your finances.


If you need a quick £15000 loans, you can apply for it online. It may take a few seconds for the lenders to assess your profile and make their decision.


Borrow £15000 loans without putting your home at risk. If you have a good credit score, the interest rate may also be lower.

Things to Consider Before Borrowing £15000 Loans

£15000 loans
  • While searching for an instant £15000 loans, understand that it will take some time for the lender to verify the information that you’ve provided them with. Therefore, the amount will be transferred only after the necessary checks. Also, the time it will take for the funds to reach your account depends on your bank as well.
  • To get the cheapest £15000 loans, you have to compare several offers otherwise you may not know what you are missing out on. Compare loan offers from multiple lenders before you decide to choose the best one out of the lot.
  • Beware of advertisements that claim “Guaranteed £15000 loans”. A lender cannot guarantee you a loan before assessing your credit history. Such advertisements may lead you to a scam where you may lose your money.
  • You may get a lower interest rate offers from lenders for £15000 loans if you have a fair credit score. That is because the level of risk associated with your profile gets lower if you have a good relationship debt in the past.

Borrow £15000 Loans from LoanTube

LoanTube offers unsecured personal loans from £1000 to £35000. You can borrow a loan depending on your creditworthiness and affordability. All the lenders we are associated with conduct a soft credit check in the initial phase to evaluate your affordability. Please note that soft credit checks do not impact your credit score and it also doesn’t leave any footprint on your credit report. However, a hard credit check is also conducted by the lender before the final approval.

Repayment amount on £15000 loans will depend on the loan duration and interest rate. You can borrow £15000 loans over 4 years or 3 years, that depends on you. As you can choose the repayment period from 1 year to 7 years to spread the cost of the repayments.

Click here to fill our online loan application form. Choose the loan amount and loan term along with a few necessary details. Submit it and wait for about a few seconds only. You will get a detailed list of the loan quotes from the lenders who are willing to offer you a loan. You can compare multiple loan offer to make your decision.

With us, the rate you see is the rate you get. That means we have a rate-lock system that allows the borrower to get an in-principle decision.

Why Should You Apply With Us?

Real Interest Rates

Unlike other loan comparison websites, we offer you a platform to compare the rates of personal loans on real time. That means you can now compare the loans on real interest rates rather than on proposed rates

Instant Decision

You do not have to wait for hours or days at end to know the decision of our lenders. It will hardly take a minute or two and you will receive detailed information like the lenders who have accepted your application and who have declined it.

Customer Ratings

We love our customers and so do they. A lot of our customers have appreciated our service that is simple, fast, and transparent. We believe in making the entire process less time consuming, straightforward and easy for a seamless borrowing experience.

FAQs on £15000 Loans

Below are some frequently asked questions about £15000 loans. If you do not find something, please contact us.
£15000 loans

No. If you have a good credit score, a lender may not ask you to provide a guarantor. Also, as the lending criteria varies from lender to lender – it depends on who you deal with.

Our lenders will need you to be in a full-time, permanent, employed role. If you are unemployed, you may not be able to pass the lender’s affordability assessments. The exception is if you have other good sources of incomes like rental income and you can convince lenders that you can afford to pay the loan with those other incomes.

Yes. You do not need to be a homeowner to apply for a personal loan. Even if you are a tenant and you do not own a property outright, but you do have a regular and stable source of income, you can apply for a £15000 loan.

The interest rate depends on your credit score, income, and loan term among many others. Compare offers from multiple lenders to find a loan with a low APR.

No – we are a credit broker. We’re licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to match borrowers with lenders. We arrange your loan but we don’t transfer you the money and you don’t pay the money back to us – you do that for your lender. And to ensure the highest levels of industry practice across the board, we only work with lenders who have been inspected and given their licence by the Financial Conduct Authority.

When we become partners with a lender, one of the first things they do is to send us a list of the types of borrowers they would like to work with. You might be just the type of borrower one lender is looking for but another might not consider you. Our job is to pair you with the right lenders based on the information you give us.

No. You can always say no if you feel like.

Representative APR Example

The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.

Representative APR Example: On an assumed loan amount of £2,600.00 over 36 months. Rate of interest 41% per annum (fixed). Representative 49.7% APR. Total amount payable £4,557.89 of which £1,957.89 is interest. 35 monthly repayments of £126.61 and a final payment of £126.54